I’ve been a Dad (hence the adorable feet in the image above) since 2011, a Husband since 2009, and an online marketing consultant since 2004.

My work focuses on search marketing, conversion optimization, and WordPress.

Marketing Philosophy

The online marketing world is full of a lot of bad individuals and agencies who are more interested in working out the best billing strategy rather than the best marketing strategy for you. I should know because I’ve worked with several.

In fact, I wrote on my blog about how to know if you’re dealing with one of those crappy SEO places.

Online marketing is about conversions, and nothing else. This is the question you should ask anyone you are paying for online marketing services:

How Does This Impact Conversions?

Name Dropping

After earning my MA, I worked for and with companies like Yahoo!, Disney, UCLA Health, and Break Media (now Defy Media) before starting a small online marketing group with my wife.

I Love To Answer Questions

Get in touch with any online marketing question, or if you’d like to find out how House of Search can bring you more conversions.

Wondering About the Adorable Feet?